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Concratulations to this weeks OC Printing Steve and Julie Listener of the week Brad Triplett!  Brad won a T-Shirt from OC Printing and Sign!


If you have problem you need help with just email Steve and Julie ... Listen Thursday mornings at 7 to see if you letter was chosen....

We'll get help from the audience and maybe even Vernon himself will weigh in on the topic. All we ask in return is a follow up letter to let us know how it turned out.


News of the Weird!!! Let Em Eat Cake: Cake designer Debbie Wingham recently baked a $74 million birthday cake. A client from the United Arab Emirates ordered the cake for his daughter's birthday and engagement. The cake is a replica of a six-foot long fashion runway and contains 400 one carat diamonds, 35 three-carat white diamonds and 75 three-carat black diamonds. Debbie tells ABC: "These [diamonds] were owned by the family already who had commissioned me to make the cake. The stones were gifted to the daughter by the family and were part of a private collection. So although the cake was worth 74 million US dollars, that's not what I was paid for the cake." It took 1,100 hours to make the 1,000-pound cake.

Question Close to 30% of fathers say this is the gift they liked least this Father's Day. What is it?" Answer a Fitbit

Steve and Julie Blog Page

Nov 27, 2012 -- 11:22am

Steve and Julie Blog Page, check back soon for more!

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