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Watching "Making A Murderer"


OK, I'm a little late to the party. "Making A Murderer" started streaming in December. Jessica and I watched all 10 episodes over the course of two or three days. That would be binge watching for us, especially after covering 5 episodes one Sunday afternoon. Its engaging and easy to see why its been a big hit. Who doesn;t find a man wongfully imprisoned for a crime he didn;t commit for 18 years released and then suddenly caught up in a murder trial at the same time he is suing the Sheriff's office that imprisoned him. Charges of evidence planting...its a roller coaster. I don't really know how I feel after finishing. On one hand I don't think the guy did it, but on the other hand I am not so sure of that. Add to those thoughts the fact that it appears important information was left out of the documentary and you have the makings for a virtual courtroom in your head. One of the Discovery Channels is going to do a counter argument showing what was left out which should be good to watch.

Its easy to armchair quarterback. It's also important to be careful. Sometimes documentaries have an agenda rather than presenting everything in the open. Some skew things willfully. I did a paper on Michael Moore in college that highlighted some things he did that mischaracterized the truth. One example is he took two speeches given at two different times, spliced them together to make the person on screen say what he wanted him to say. He covered the cut up with a shot of something else where the cut would have happened and then came back to the original speech picture to make it appear as one speech. Michael Moore is a very talented film maker, but I don't trust him for an objective look at a subject. It's sad that's where we are when it comes to documentaries which by their nature should be rooted in a complete or at least fair look at a subject. Not to say there is no way to get to objective truth. I think that is going too far the other way, but we mus weigh things carefully in our current climate.

With all that said, if you have Netflix, check out "Making a Murderer". Super fascinating. I will also look forward to the Discovery Channel special.

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New Year's Resolution

Jan 12, 2016 -- 12:33pm

New Year's Resolution?


Well this leaves me feeling amused if not motivated.

Be Kind To Yourself

Jan 05, 2016 -- 2:33pm

Be Kind To Yourself


I read and talked about a study the other day that said the average woman criticizes herself at least 8 times a day. I criticize myself a lot more than I should too. I don't think anyone is perfect and would even say a simple observation of human behavior confirms that our default setting is quite messed up. I would also say there is plenty of beauty and wonder that we can observe about ourselves, others, and the world around us, even when we might disagree. So after being honest with ourselves, let's not forget to be kind to ourselves. In honor of that, below is a video from Andrew Peterson of a song called "Be Kind To Yourself" It was written for his daughter and is on his latest album "The Burning Edge of Dawn" Enjoy!


Action Figures, not dolls!

Jan 22, 2015 -- 10:21am



     I'm a sucker for a good action figure. I don't necessarily play with them anymore, but sometimes I think if I ever get a man cave I would like to be surrounded by my favorite heroes. I saw these 1/6 scale figures of some of my favorite marvel characters (at least the movie versions) and freaked out.

     I have never really read the Captain America comics, I was more of an X-men reader when I was younger. I have become a huge fan of the way they have portrayed Cap in the Marvel movies. It seems like many characters we have that are supposed to be the good guy these days, we play up the faults rather than their good qualities. Nobody is perfect, that would be unrealistic for sure, but I don't understand why we feel the need to emphasize the bad so much rather than have something to look up to. I'm not naive, I have been disappointed by those I have looked up to on more than one occasion, but it's refreshing to see a character with character.

     Then there's the irony of putting him next to the very thing I don't like, Stark. Even with Iron Man, Tony Stark, there is redemption in his character in the movies. He stumbles, but he grows in his chracter. He also still maintains that fun edge we love in the films. Even so, that growth is still there where so many times it seems like our portrayal of heroes are content to wallow in there flaws rather than grow from/out of them. That may be just my impression and I might be painting with a broad brush too. Even Will Smith in Hancock grew for the better.

Good because we are called to something better than our selfishness. I love it in Captain America.

I just turned a post about cool, yet expensive, action figures into post about the portrayal of ethics in film.....I feel like I might have to apologize. Check out the links to these characters in the Me Likey section to the left. Pretty awesome!

The Shattering Shield

Jan 21, 2015 -- 4:16pm

Well, from the looks of things, there will be a lot of shattering of Captain America's Shield this upcoming year. We have caught a glimpse of that in the trailers for the new Avengers movie and now in real life. My Awesome wife got me a Captain America Watch withhis shield on it for a Christmas gift. Two weeks later I shattered it. Yeah not good.

You don't really think about how lethal a seat belt of a car is until you are confronted with its power first hand. I was getting in the car about to leave our church's worship service and was putting on my seat belt. The belt slipped from my hand and hit the watch sqauare on the glass with the metal part of the buckle. Yep, shattered it. If they would make the glass as strong as Captain's Shield in the comics we wouldn't have this problem.

We wound up just buying another one since it didn't cost that much considering it was a "Child's Watch". (That's not degrading at all) We decided to purchase the insurance plan too, just in case.


Thou doth protest too much...or how Jock and the Shakespeare Festival are like oil and water.

Dec 08, 2014 -- 3:19pm


The Alabama Shakespeare Festival Octagon:

Home of Ye Olde British Bare Knuckle Boxing

This weekend my wife Jessica, her friend Mindy, and I made our way to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery for a showing of "A Christmas Carol". If you haven't attended a play there, I suggest it. Beautiful facilities, talented actors, great plays, culture on tap, etc. etc. Unfortunately I have a history with the Festival dating back to high school. I have always been a guy who didn't take high art/culture/society to seriously, so I might have been destined to run into trouble. Two incidents forever put me on the most wanted list in the Festival Ushers' Emergency Operations Center. I was curious to see how I would be received or if I could go unnoticed. Here's what happened so many years ago:

The first was the worst. (HA! It rhymes. I'm a poet and didn't know it. Eat your heart out Shakesy) We were at the Festival to see a play. A friend of mine snuck in a Nintendo Gameboy, not to play during the play, but to pass time before hand. I borrowed it, had the sound turned all the way down, and was playing with 10 or more minutes left before the play started. That's when I heard it, a gasp, and a semi muted angry, "JOCK!" I turned to see my teacher looking at me very upset with an usher in her ear whispering and pointing her long finger of the law in my direction. The Gameboy was confiscated with extreme prejudice by my teacher and my friend was ticked at me. After the play on the bus, my teacher approached me with Gameboy in hand and said, "I am very..." At this point most people would let their teacher finish their sentence and not finish it for them, but I'm not most people. I completed her sentence "..dissappointed in me?" That's what she was going to say, because she paused, looked more frustrated, quickly searched her mental thesaurus and said, "..upset with you" or something to the effect. I made it out unscathed with a bit of a threat about future trips.

The second incident was not as bad, but it was when I was sure they were out to get me. The very next year, we were waiting to enter the theater. We weren't inside yet! I was chewing gum, because I didn't know it was a crime, and I heard the same type exclamation, "JOCK!" These days people yell my name because they are happy to see me, back then, not so much. I looked and who do I see but an usher in my teacher's ear waggin here finger at me again. My teacher that year was nicer about it because it was a minor offence, but ever since then I know the Usher Shocktroopers have been after me. Thankfully I have made it out without any other incidents so far, but we have an understanding.




The First Entry with Good Music

Dec 03, 2014 -- 9:25am


     Welcome to my first post on my radio blog. Here you'll read observations, opinions, hopefully encouraging things, funny things and see parts of me that I don't   always have time to pack into my show. I hope you'll enjoy. Let's get it kicked off with some good music from the band NeedtoBreathe.

     It's their latest song from the album Rivers in the Wasteland. Its got a great story behind it, how two brothers in the band and the other members came to a point where they thought they should be in competition with one another and it almost ripped the band apart. Through a rough period that the band experienced because of this, it showed them they needed each other. It's one of my favorite songs on the album and their acoustic performance on tour is a powerful thing to see. Here it is. I was at this performance, though I didn't have seats this good. Enjoy!--Jock


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