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Ted's Abbey Carpet and Floor Cash Can Clues can be found here on the Cash Can Clue Page. We will post clues shortly after 5PM every Friday during the contest. Make sure to check the rules page too. Thanks and Good Luck!



1.Watch your step

2.Orphans have been housed nearby

3.Lots of different wild life call my hiding place home

4. A banned singing group described most of my neighborhood well

5. Look before you reach



6. I am hidden under a nice place to watch life pass by


7. Children play in the distance 


8. You can hear traffic in the distance


9. All kinds of people visit the neighborhood


10. Maybe you cross a bridge, maybe you don’t





11. You could ascend the hill for a better view


12. Illegal actions are not required to find me


13. The fish were witness to my hiding


14. I’m a little off the main path and not in the sun


15. Follow the Black Trail



1.One specially marked Cash Can is hidden in the 979wvok listening area Update 2018 (35 mile radius of Oxford)If it is retrieved it will be worth $980 from 979wvok.
2. You must be 21 to claim the prize.

3. One clue describing the Cash Can's location will be given every Monday-Friday during the contest. The daily clue will be read on air at 7:20 AM, 11:20 AM, 4:20 PM, and 7:20 PM.
4. Each Friday at 5 PM or shortly thereafter the current week's clues will be posted online at www.979wvok.com.
5. The Cash Can is hidden on public property only. We advise you to follow all posted rules at the parks. Please treat areas you search with respect and cause no damage. IT WILL NOT BE HIDDEN ON AN ACTIVE ELEMENTARY OR HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS
6. No digging or climbing is involved in finding the Cash Can.
7. If the Cash Can is found it must be brought to the 979WVOK studios within 24 hours of being removed from its hiding spot. If it is not brought to the radio station or the station is not notified within the time specified above, the contest will be declared over with no prize awarded.
8. We will continue to give clues at the scheduled times until the Cash Can has been found, positively identified, and in our possession.
9. Employees and family members of Woodard Broadcasting Company, Martin's Family Clothing, and/or other radio stations/companies located in Alabama are not allowed to win.

10. Winner will be responsible for all taxes that may be levied by state and federal governments.

11. Winners agree to 979WVOK using their image, story, names in promoting the contest.


12. What does the can look like? You'll know it when you see it. It will be obvious.



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