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Action Figures, not dolls!

Jan 22, 2015 -- 10:21am



     I'm a sucker for a good action figure. I don't necessarily play with them anymore, but sometimes I think if I ever get a man cave I would like to be surrounded by my favorite heroes. I saw these 1/6 scale figures of some of my favorite marvel characters (at least the movie versions) and freaked out.

     I have never really read the Captain America comics, I was more of an X-men reader when I was younger. I have become a huge fan of the way they have portrayed Cap in the Marvel movies. It seems like many characters we have that are supposed to be the good guy these days, we play up the faults rather than their good qualities. Nobody is perfect, that would be unrealistic for sure, but I don't understand why we feel the need to emphasize the bad so much rather than have something to look up to. I'm not naive, I have been disappointed by those I have looked up to on more than one occasion, but it's refreshing to see a character with character.

     Then there's the irony of putting him next to the very thing I don't like, Stark. Even with Iron Man, Tony Stark, there is redemption in his character in the movies. He stumbles, but he grows in his chracter. He also still maintains that fun edge we love in the films. Even so, that growth is still there where so many times it seems like our portrayal of heroes are content to wallow in there flaws rather than grow from/out of them. That may be just my impression and I might be painting with a broad brush too. Even Will Smith in Hancock grew for the better.

Good because we are called to something better than our selfishness. I love it in Captain America.

I just turned a post about cool, yet expensive, action figures into post about the portrayal of ethics in film.....I feel like I might have to apologize. Check out the links to these characters in the Me Likey section to the left. Pretty awesome!

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