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The Shattering Shield

Jan 21, 2015 -- 4:16pm

Well, from the looks of things, there will be a lot of shattering of Captain America's Shield this upcoming year. We have caught a glimpse of that in the trailers for the new Avengers movie and now in real life. My Awesome wife got me a Captain America Watch withhis shield on it for a Christmas gift. Two weeks later I shattered it. Yeah not good.

You don't really think about how lethal a seat belt of a car is until you are confronted with its power first hand. I was getting in the car about to leave our church's worship service and was putting on my seat belt. The belt slipped from my hand and hit the watch sqauare on the glass with the metal part of the buckle. Yep, shattered it. If they would make the glass as strong as Captain's Shield in the comics we wouldn't have this problem.

We wound up just buying another one since it didn't cost that much considering it was a "Child's Watch". (That's not degrading at all) We decided to purchase the insurance plan too, just in case.


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