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The First Entry with Good Music

Dec 03, 2014 -- 9:25am


     Welcome to my first post on my radio blog. Here you'll read observations, opinions, hopefully encouraging things, funny things and see parts of me that I don't   always have time to pack into my show. I hope you'll enjoy. Let's get it kicked off with some good music from the band NeedtoBreathe.

     It's their latest song from the album Rivers in the Wasteland. Its got a great story behind it, how two brothers in the band and the other members came to a point where they thought they should be in competition with one another and it almost ripped the band apart. Through a rough period that the band experienced because of this, it showed them they needed each other. It's one of my favorite songs on the album and their acoustic performance on tour is a powerful thing to see. Here it is. I was at this performance, though I didn't have seats this good. Enjoy!--Jock


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